Our Story!

Joe and I grew up together, going to the same school since we were in elementary school, but never meeting until we were seniors in high school, a fairly decent task give the small size of our town.

We dated on and off through my first years of college, but we lost touch along the way.

The Summer of 2006, I found Joe on Myspace and we started talking again. I was still in college, but Joe had graduated BCT and AIT and he was stationed in Germany. He flew in to Arkansas for a family emergency January 2007. He proposed to me on my birthday, January 20th. But of course, he had to fly back to Germany the next day.

After the wonderful adventure of trying to plan a wedding around a Soldier stationed in Germany, we got married July 13th, 2007, in my parents' backyard. It was everything I had ever hoped my wedding would be.

And our great adventure together began December 2007, when Joe PCSed to Ft. Riley, Kansas, and I moved with him. We were in Kansas for 2 years. Then we PCSed to Ft. Carson. Joe deployed in March 2010. And we're planning an ETS at the very end of 2012.