Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Unavailable number...

So Joe had been getting these incrediably harrassing phone calls for two nights now. It started Sunday night at about 11pm. His phone rang and we all grunted. As you other Army wives know, a call at 11pm is never a good sign. I was getting ready to hear about the recall when Joe got really mad. He hung up the phone and said it was just a prank call from an unavailable number. So we went to sleep.

At 1am the phone rang again. Oh geez... But again, a prank call from that unavailable number. According to Joe, it sounded like a sound board. So he hung up. A minute later, another call. More noise. Two more calls. Joe yelled at them that he was going to call Alltel and get their number and then press harrassment charges. So they called back but this time it was a real voice. Guess what they said. "Hello, this is Alltel." And Joe hung up. One more call. But Joe didnt answer. No voice mail message. Sucks too, because we could have let the cops listen to it.

So that next morning, Monday, I called Alltel to see if they could give me the number. Nope. So I called the police. They said that if someone came down and pressed charges, they could subpoena the number from Alltel. Super. But we were both really busy all day so we decided to wait another day.

Cut to Monday night, about 10pm. LOL! Another call. Shocking, right? Same unavailable number. Same sound board noise. But we didnt talk. We just let them ramble on. Then they hung up. They called back a few minutes later. More noise. Then... a male voice... "I'm going to kill you, you f*cker!" And they hung up. Shocked!! Joe now likes to use the word Terroristic Threatening! We called the cops. They sent out this little guy that wrote some stuff down in his little notebook but basically told us there was very little that we could do. Useless.

I went to Alltel this morning. Again, not much they could do. Cant block unavailable numbers (like the cop told us they could do). So now what? I'm considering going down to the police station to see what I can do there. Maybe I have to actually press charges to get something done.

But it's just insane that the cops dont care about harrassing phone calls. What's that about?

Joe suspects that it's a soldier. That would be nice. They would get in serious trouble for harrassing a NCO.

But even if it's just some random yahoo, they need to know that this isnt right. You cant just call people and mess with them.

So we've decided to press charges, harrassment AND terroristic threatening, if the police officers will let me.

Wish me luck.

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