Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Joe: I need a deployment.

Sara: Yeah, I know.

And I REALLY REALLY REALLY try to understand the idea of needing a deployment. I get that he wants to be promoted and a deployment will help that out with points. Joe went to his E6 board this Monday and did a great job! As of today, he has about 620 promotion points towards his staff sgt rank. He needs close to 760. Which really sucks. And which prompted the comment at the top. I love my husband. I'm very proud of him and his goals in life. But every time he says he "needs" a deployment my skin crawls. I doubt he would volunteer to go without saying something to me first. But still there's this part of me that doesnt want to push our luck. It's one thing to be in the army and come up on deployment orders. Its going to happen. We'll be ready. I'll be ready. But its another to ask for a deployment. At least it is in my head. What if he volunteered to go and got hurt? Well, I guess just being in the Army is volunteering to go, but hopefully you know what I mean.

I guess I understand the "need" to have combat experience, and have that patch on his shoulder, nad be proud of his job in the Army. But I'm not sure I will ever understand the obligation soldiers feel to be deployed. I have always considered us lucky that Joe is in a MOS that doesnt deploy often. But from where Joe is standing, maybe it's a different feeling. Maybe it's not relief. Maybe it's...... well, I just dont know.


The Army Wife said...

That's such a hard position to be in. Unfortunately for us, my husband is in an MOS where deployments are routine. But I'm with you -- it's a very tough spot to be in, not wanting your hubby to deploy, but knowing that it's needed for his career to advance. Good luck.

Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

hoping that he will get those points without the combat experience, it is possible, will say a prayer for ya!