Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 months in Colorado

(The view from our courtyard)
We PCSed to Ft. Carson/Colorado Springs 2 months ago today. Thankfully all that stressful PCS stuff is completely over. All the boxes are unpacked. We're learning our way around. Our house is nicely cluttered like I like it with dog toys scattered around the living room. We live here now. This is home. And it's starting to feel that way, finally. The first month we were here, it felt like we were on vacation. When I thought about "home" I thought about my townhouse in Kansas with the backyard Joe would play horseshoes in and Rigel's thin green tieout. I thought about missing work and lunching with my friends.

I havent had a lot of experience moving in my adult life. My family moved to Paris, Arkansas when I was 8 and I lived there until I moved into a dorm, only an hour and a half away. I moved to different apartments in that town, but I was always still close to friends and family. So when we moved 7 hours away to Kansas, it was a big jump for me. But we made a home there. And we really thought we would be stationed there for 6 years. I didnt see this PCS coming at all! And I REALLY should have. It was 2 years on the dot!

Now we live 12 hours away from our families in a very new town. Maybe once we've been doing this army life stuff longer, I will get used to this. But the idea of moving every 2 years, away from my home, my friends, my life, is very odd to me. This will be the first place in my adult life I will have to make a home on my own. I will hold down our new home while Joe is deployed. While it's not the first time I've lived alone or the first time we've had to do a VERY long distance relationship, this will be our first deployment.

So here we are, making a new life in Colorado, making new memories, making new friends, making a home.


ABW said...

This is the most snow I have ever seen, but then we got here this past summer.

We were at Hood for 6 1/2 years, next to family. I think this was our hardest move yet! Let me know if you want to do coffee.

Amy said...

We can't wait to get off the east coast. I'm hoping with any luck when my husband gets back from deployment, they'll be moving us out west.

Julie the Army Wife said...

For some reason we keep moving every 2 years too. I am hoping we will be at Campbell for at least 4 but we will see.

That feeling of being done with the PCS is such a great one.