Monday, February 22, 2010

Please USAA, tell me how this makes sense!

Dear USAA,

I understand that you dont have a standard "billing period" like most utilities. For example, the cable I pay for on Feb 3rd will be for the billing cycle until March 3rd. As it was explained to me, USAA takes your auto insurance for a 6 month period and then just divides it by 6, randomly. So when $244 came out of our account on Feb 3rd, it doesnt mean that pays for the auto insurance we have until March 3rd, apparently it's just a random payment for an unknown billing cycle (the two ladies I talked to couldnt tell me what dates that paid for). BUT since I canceled my insurance effective Feb 17th, that $244 didnt cover until Feb 17th! So there is still a balance of $109.75 due for the insurance we had until the 17th. We will pay it, of course, because we were still on their plan until the 17th. But WHY on Earth does the $244 not have a specific billing date time period? And why would that not cover 14 DAYS after it was taken out of my account?

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MyArmyLife said...

LOL! I am laughing as I read your post. I have never understood USAA and the payment schedule. I just know that sometimes I don't have an insurance payment and think YIPPEE, new shoes! =)