Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Donut of Misery Update

Day 77

Yep, I remembered to look on the first of the month!!

And the snarky saying at the bottom? Oddly enough, Joe has already told me.

Can you even believe it's JUNE?!?!?! I know I never paid attention to the months passing before Joe left. It was just time passing. But now that I count the days, a month doesn't seem too long.

But its a thought that can backfire. I immediately think about his year of dwell time. If this year is passing by so fast, what happens when his dwell time flies by? I'm so unnerved about this stupid thought.


Julie the Army Wife said...

I won't tell you how fast dwell time is going for us. I just hope that they will extend dwell time soon. That would be nice. YAY it is June. That is how I would get through the deployment too, one month at a time.

ABW said...

Our dwell time is flying by, especially as we are at the tail end of it. We just try to make a lot of memories in our time together!

Renee said...


It truley is comforting to know that there are other spouses out here that do the same counting that i do. It's a lonely business to be the spouse (or GF) of a deployed Soldier.
21% percent complete is a great thing!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, dwell time goes quicker. *sigh*

Scatterbrain said...

Ugh, I have the same thought process! but hey... YAY for knocking out another whole month! :)