Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 12

Day 85

There was an "incident" in Iraq this week. Joe wasn't able to tell me about it for a while. I know that Joe wont be able to tell me everything that happens downrange. It's just part of his job. But I really do worry less when I know what's going on. He tells me he doesn't want to freak me out, but I always jump to the worst case scenarios. Not healthy, or realistic, but it's just who I am. I have to convince myself that nothing it wrong, even after he's told me nothing is wrong. So I am thankful if and when he can tell me what happened.

Another full week at work. I'm really enjoying it there. So much better than my old job in Kansas!! Most of the people there are very friendly. And the Soldiers are usually very nice. Strangely enough, it's usually the wives that want to throw little hissy fits when something doesn't go their way. I want to laugh at them. Have they learned nothing about Army life? There is a paper trail for EVERYTHING!! And there are just some things a spouse cannot do, so just tell your husband to do it when he has a free moment. Chill out. Yelling at the receptionist isn't going to get you anywhere.

My parents and mother in law will be coming to CO to visit next month!! I really need to see them right now! I hit a wall the other night. Not proud of it, but I'll admit it. After a long day and very little from Joe, I just broke down. I was 82 days in and I was sick and tired and fed up with the whole damn thing!! But there is a lesson in everything, right? And I learned that being strong only gets you so far. It's okay to break down and cry sometimes. I needed to purge and I feel so much better now. We are almost a quarter of the way through this deployment. I just have to do this 3 more times. Not too bad, definitely do-able.

I cant go into specifics, but Joe says there could be some good changed coming his way. And that thrills me to no end!! It's getting hotter and more active there, so even little changes for the better could be a huge relief.


Erin said...

I am the opposite, I like to be kept in the dark during the deployment. I worry too much when I know what is going on.
I am only two weeks in, but already I am fed up with the communication issues! It sucks have 8 hr time differences, crappy connections and trying to have a conversation when the phone call drops every 30 seconds.

Jen, Jeff and Jacob said...

Sara, I'm glad you're enjoying your new job! Hang in there...everyone has one of "those" days! A police car was sitting outside my house yesterday morning at 6am. It turned out they were there for the neighbor, but still... it made me a little nervous (to say the least!) I wanted to walk out there in my pajamas and yell at them not to park at 6am in front of a house with a deployed's not good way to start the day!

In Germany I worked at the Ed have hit the nail on the head with the wives. They threw more hissy fits than anyone else!

*Jenn* said...

Im so proud of you with everything you doing! Your doing a great job and everyone has to fall apart sometimes. Hoping for good things for Joe! :)

Kayla Sue said...

My husband doesn't tell me much either, and it's probably a good thing or I'd freak out!!

I was relieved to see that you never saw a tornado when you lived in Kansas. :) That is where we are stationed, and once he returns from Iraq we go to Ft. Riley again, and tornados freak me out!! Every time it thunderstorms I get panicked a tornado is going to come and rip us away:)

Anonymous said...

Just one more of the same time and you'll see the Donut of Misery more done than not! YAY!!!

Amy said...

I'm so glad you are really enjoying your new job. I'm sure it helps you to stay busy and keep your mind occupied. (I know that's one of the main reasons I work!)

Oh and I left you a reward on my blog today too!