Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 17

DAY 120

17 weeks down.. is that a 3rd done yet?? Well, almost. 52/3 is 17.3333333333333333 and 121.6666666666666. So we're close enough!!

It's been a very exciting week!! I got my hair cut again. More hours at work. Awesome weekend with friends. AND my parents and mother in law arrived here on Monday. We've been busy hanging out and seeing the sights in and around Colorado Springs. I just wanted to post my lovely countdown really fast. I need to post the milestones for my sanity!

Our 3rd wedding anniversary was July 13th. It sucks that Joe couldn't be here. But I know he was thinking about us, our marriage, and our future. It was the first one we haven't been together for. Not too shabby for a military marriage though.

And Joe's birthday is the 16th. He's getting old!! Hehe.

Joe gets to drop his R&R leave packet tomorrow!! We should know dates fairly soon!! Woot woot!! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week. I'm gonna go hug my mom and dad again. :)


Anonymous said...

Yay R&R packet!

(and I've been responding to your tweets, but since you don't follow me, you can't see them... I just realized that, sorry!)

MrsMike said...

Hi! Just ran across your blog... I just finished my husbands 12 month deployment! And I know this sounds crazy right now in your position, but it really does go by a lot faster than you realize! Just keep busy, seriously busy. I went back to school (and I am a mother) so it kept me super busy, but was totally worth it.

You can do it!

Oh and as far as "seeing the world outside of my husbands career" I totally feel you on that one. To me my husbands job is just that... it's his job. The army is not my hobby, and I do not consider myself an "army wife" I mean seriously, do carpenters wives wear t-shirts that say "carpenters wife", ect?! I think its just kinda crazy.