Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why dont they get it??

I LOVE my civilian friends from back home. I know they will always have my back and help keep me grounded when this silly milspouse life gets absurd. It's nice that they don't understand rank and commands and don't have the first clue what my husband does for a living. And these select few people will be my best friends no matter where the Army takes us or what rank my hubby is.

Now, why cant some civilians understand a simple countdown, or I guess I should say the count up?

With the big bang the virtual world has had in recent times, I have connected with people I haven't talked to since high school. It's fun and amusing at times. I have found some great old friends. But if you haven't talked to me in over a year and you don't know me well enough to know that my husband has been deployed to a WAR ZONE for 6 months, why are you commenting on my statuses?

I posted a comment yesterday that said something along the lines of 26 weeks down!! Halfway!! And I had MANY people message me asking me if I was pregnant. Really folks?

1. Joe has been deployed for 6 months!! If you don't know that by now, you need to PAY MORE ATTENTION!

2. Halfway to a baby is NOT 26 weeks. I am not pregnant. I have never been pregnant. And I know that the gestation period for a human is not a year. So someone who HAS been pregnant should at least know that too, right??

I guess I should give the non-milspouses a break right? They don't have deployment countdowns. They are all my age and they have the big baby countdowns now, right? Baby on the brain 24/7 probably.

But the baby question has been asked for about oh... 26 weeks now. And really folks, the fact that they aren't paying attention and asking silly questions annoys me to no end. I am observant to a fault. As Monk would say, it's a blessing and a curse. My aunt has a story she tells at family gatherings about canned chili with beans and at 12, she told me I had the "gripping senses." I like to stay informed. I like to eavesdrop. I will search a Facebook page to make sure there isn't an answer to my question before I ask that person.

So can you see how this situation bothers me since I have been talking about Joe's deployment for 6 months and his R&R for the last 3 weeks?

Sorry, just had to get that rant off my chest. :)

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Renee said...

I understand your frustration! Non mil-peeps just don't get it. I hate that when I post a FB status that says "I miss my husband...or it's been a long 6 months..." how people that have been on my friends list for a year or more will say "aww...where is he?" Seriously?