Friday, November 5, 2010

CafePress Operation Gratitude Holiday Cards

Well, I am into ALL things personalized! So what if you could get personalized holiday cards that helped a GREAT cause??

I wanted to let you know that CafePress has partnered with Operation Gratitude to design some themed holiday photo cards, of which they are donating 10% of every purchase of these cards back to Operation Gratitude.

They offered me a 12-pack of personalized cards so I could review them for the blog. I jumped at the chance to spread the word about this awesome line of holiday cards!

You should definitely go check them out!! Click HERE!

There are 6 different designs to start with. I picked out the square card (I'm very into the square thing at the moment) so I could add 3 pictures to it. I added a picture from Joe's R&R, one from last Christmas, and (of course) a picture of my baby boy, Rigel. These cards were SO easy to personalize and organize. Some custom websites are kinda tricky. This was one of the most user friendly card sites I have ever used. I have used Cafe Press for other things, but I honestly didnt know they had cards. Details are hard to capture in a photo with a regular camera, but I am very impressed with these cards. I'm quite thrilled that I can spread some holiday cheer and also tell people about Operation Gratitute while contributing to a GREAT cause!!

From Cafe Press website: An amount equal to 10% of the final purchase price for all Holiday Photo Flat Card Stationery tagged with "Operation Gratitude" and sold through the Marketplace during October 12, 2010 through December 25, 2010 will be donated to Operation Gratitude (


Nina said...

Very cool - thanks for sharing!

MommyTaco said...

oh my stars (and stripes!) - JC Penny step away, my Christmas cards this year are coming from CafePress & OP Gratitude!

THANK YOU, Sara for sharing this!

uyyu said...

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