Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 29

Day 204

See that?!?! Over 200! Isnt that awesome?!?! I cant believe it's already October. And even already October 6th... already! I love that time is flying like this.

Good news! I officially became a graduate student this week. Classes start next week. There is an orientation this Friday. I hope I can still study like I used to. Especially while working full time.

And I hope I'm still working full time. This contract stuff is so annoying. We got another extention today so I know I have a job until next Wednesday.

Oh, and in the spirit of the holidays and cooler weather, I am hosting another Scentsy party! Just go to MommyTaco's Scentsy page (CLICK HERE) and then select the buy from party link next to "Sara's Basket Party." Then shop away! There are so many cool new things in this catalog, I urge you to go check it out!

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