Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 31

Day 218

Time is still flying by. YAY!! Even with the holidays coming up, I'm not even thinking about the time we're apart. I'm totally focused about Joe's homecoming.

Now, an interesting observation as of late. I haven't hit a wall in a loooooooong time. It was about 80 days into this stupidness. I remember the days leading up to it and how sad and lonely I felt. Maybe I'm just over that stage of the deployment altogether? But I really don't feel like that anymore. I'm just too busy to be sad and lonely. My whole attitude after R&R is different. This deployment feels different. There are fewer questions, fewer "what-ifs" about my husband and my marriage. I have seen Joe post-deployment, I know he's okay. I know he is still the same. I know he's still my Joe. The days are just slipping away. One leading into another, the excitement building. It isn't another day of not seeing Joe, it's one day closer.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I guess that's the reason there hasn't been another wall. I worry about the Thanksgiving wall and the Christmas wall. And my birthday wall. But I'm going to try to keep up this momentum and blow past those days. I know as soon as my birthday is over, Joe will be home VERY soon!!

And a small annoyance with the Army this week - Joe is scheduled for BNOC/ALC for NEXT SEPTEMBER but they haven't gotten any info on redeployment. That's dumb.

And class is rocking along. I tried to talk more last night. Speaking in front of people isnt something I'm great at. But it's a skill I'm willing to work on. I dont like to sound like I dont know what I'm talking about. So I studied all week for this class last night and I killed it! I asked the right questions and started good discussion. It's awesome to have a class you are so interested in, so passionate about. I actually like reading the material and writing the papers. I hope everyone finds something they are passionate about. Especially Joe. I hope he finds his passion.

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Chantal said...

Wow! 31 weeks! It feels like you just passed halfway, and now you're 5 weeks past. Awesome. :D