Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 32

Day 225

Same ol', same ol'. Work. School. Home. Studying. I'm so very exciting. ;)

I think the holidays just around the corner are bringing people together. My neighbors are so friendly and we have plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We're going to carve pumpkins together too. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I LOVE having good neighbors once again.

Deployment deployment deployment... blah blah blah. Just a matter of time now. When we started this thing, it felt like R&R would never get here. But now it feels like Joe will be home any day now. My mind is playing tricks.

Is it possible that I will be able to fully relax when Joe gets home? Of course we will have that 12 month dwell time. But with his ETS date and clearing and terminal leave, it could be possible that Joe wont have to deploy again. I learned my lession the hard way, you can never count out a deployment. As soon as you think it's safe to put that guard down, orders will walk through that door. And they will be canceled.. only to reappear a few months later. So when Joe tells me he wont have to deploy again, I want to get excited and let my guard down. But that sneaky Army wife flicks my memory and the waves of disappointment flood back over me. I guess like everything else in the Miltiary, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

For class I am writing a developmental autobiography. My mom scanned and emailed me my baby book. Oh. My. Gosh! I was an adorable baby!! :) I am still in the process of maping out the developmental milestones from all of the chapters. But I am very interested in how I compare to the averages. It's so easy to write about yourself. I'm sure this paper will just write itself.

And SHHHH!! But I have a job interview on Thursday at a local news station. I dont know much about the job along the lines of pay and hours, but that's what the interview is for. I'm not quiting my job at the Ed Center just yet. But with all of the drama, I had to explore my other options.

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Nina said...

You are lucky to have great neighbors! And good luck with the developmental autobiography. I just turned in my 20-page paper about child abuse & neglect...... thank god I got it done finally.

Have a great Halloween, and give a hug to Rigel!