Wednesday, December 8, 2010

38 Weeks!

Day 267

So we got some GREAT news this week! We have a redeployment window!!! I have a "I will be home by XXX." But as any experienced Army wife knows, that date can ALWAYS change, but it's nice to have some date to look forward to. And it's nice to see them think about coming home.

And I had my last Child and Adolescent Development class yesterday. I totally have an A in the class! My next term starts in January, so the holiday break will be nice. I need to work on a cross stitch project anyway. Hopefully I can finish it over the holiday.

I am loving my Advent Calendar. My mom is just too sweet! So far I have gotten lots of chocolate, some candy, a glove and hat set, a little money, the cutest JOY holiday earrings, and some really cool hair ties. Rigel got 4 Rigel-sized tennis balls and his favorite treats! He loves them.

I have a couple holiday parties coming up. I've never been a super social person. In fact, I prefer to be alone anyway (Joe and Rigel dont count, they are family). But I am basically forcing myself to go to these parties because I think I should be around other people during the holidays. Why? I honestly dont know. The best I can come up with is... well.. peer pressure. "Oh no Sara, will you be alone this Christmas?" "I'm so sorry your husband is deployed, is being alone during the holidays the hardest part?" But it's really okay with me, being alone is okay. It's just a part of life. We all knew we would be alone for some major things, birthdays, anniversarys, and yes, OMG, Christmas too. Sometimes it seems like this has just dawned on people and they cant hold the sympathy back. I was invited to my PROFESSOR'S house last night. Really folks. Really. So this Christmas I will spend some of it with a good friend going through the same thing, and then the rest of the evening talking to my love online, which is where I want to be anyway, at home, in my pajamas, snuggling with Rigel, talking to Joe. And some people think that's depressing and that means I'm depressed, well, I got news for you people, I'm not depressed. Christmas will be an awesome day in this household. It marks another month closer to Joe being home. And I'm always down for that. And depression has many faces. But snuggling with my pup can never be depressing. And quite frankly, I dont really care about Christmas as much as some other special occassions, like our birthdays and our anniversary. Our anniversary was much harder than this Christmas will be.

I just wanted to put that out there for everyone. Dont pity the Army wife. Ask her if she has plans, or wants plans, on that special day, and then drop it. She's strong. She has to be. She's an Army wife. I spent last Christmas in a motel room. LOL. I've had one normal Christmas since I got engaged to that man. This is my normal.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news about having a date to look forward to, even if it will inevitably shift a little this way or that before settling into its final configuration.

Congratulations on your 'A,' and best wishes for the rest of the holiday season. I think you've got a good attitude. Don't let the sloshy waves of sympathy drown out your positive outlook.

Jessica said...

Yay for dates!!

I won't be alone for Christmas, but I think I would prefer to be instead of around family. Family = M and it's weird being around all of his family with him not with me.

Sara said...

Yeah, that's the main reason I didnt decide to go home. Sitting in my MIL's house without Joe wouldnt feel right at all.

Cassandra said...

Congrats for having a date! My day hasn't come yet to where I have had to do a deployment yet. But 1/2 of our post was deployed, and they came home safe last month! Wahoo.. So excited for your husbands return

Chantal said...

Congrats on knowing a date! I wish we were that close!

I understand you with the sympathy. I sometimes hate telling people that he's deployed and yes, it's for a year. I can see their eyes change in front of me. I know they mean well, but really, I'm ok. I'm a big girl, I can be by myself. Do they feel sympathy for the person who isn't married at all? Probably not as much as for me!