Wednesday, February 16, 2011

48 Weeks Down!!

Day 337

We got new redeployment dates. Joe says that are the real dates. And I think he actually thinks they are the real dates. How long has he been in the Army?? Silly boy. But we're getting so close. It's all I can think about. And we have a flight number too. :)

I'm getting nervous about having him back. I spent so much time trying to get used to him being gone. I came up with the perks, like not sharing the remote and not having to shave my legs everyday. I'm afraid that I dont remember all the married stuff. I had popcorn the other day and threw away the kernels without thinking about it. Then it hit me that Joe loves them (dont as me why he likes the unpopped kernels, but he does) and I'll have to remember to ask him if he wants them before I throw them away. I have to get all of my stuff out of his bathroom. And share the bed. I know it will all come back pretty fast, but it's been on my mind lately. And the excitement completely overweighs the nervousness. I CANNOT wait to see his name in the vFRG list. I CANNOT wait to drive to the Event Center to pick him up. I CANNOT wait to get back to normal with my husband.


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely thrilled for you both that homecoming is close enough to start worrying about remembering the "married stuff." :-)

Shana said...

Nope... not a bad Army wife! We have family day every year, and I don't go. I did once, it was horrible so that was that and my husband is a SSG! He says that they are just for guys to get smashed so why should I go. You are doing good for your family LONG TERM which is way more important than making people happy that you will see for the next 727 days!