Saturday, March 26, 2011

Awesomely busy :)

Forgive me for the small bloggy hiatus. Life has been awesomely busy. Joe came home, school started again, work is still a mess.

Joe and are I doing fine. Joe has been told that there is a honeymoon period, reintegration (aka the annoyance period), and then we find a "new norm." I think we're doing better than expected though. There have been times where either of us could have been seriously annoyed and had a fight, but instead we talk about it, cleaning, money, laundry, cars, money, time off, school demands, money, etc. We have decided that the deployment was a blessing in disguise. I know some people have a hard time readjusting and may even have some form of PTSD, but I think Joe and I have both grown in a positive direction in the last year. And yes, he's fine. There is a PTSD blog in the works actually. For some reason, some people think ALL Soldiers come home with problems. It's annoying. And completely false. The week after Joe got home, people would ask in a quiet voice... "Is he... okay?" Yeah, 1. Joe is fine and 2. If my husband did have PTSD, I'm sure as hell not going to talk to YOU about it. It's a personal family issue that needs to be dealt with in a private way. It is not something I personally think people should be broadcasting for everyone and their little brother to know about. If/When the Soldier wants to talk about it, that's his/her decision.

Joe is having his reintegration training stuff. We laugh about a lot of it. As a wanna be psychologist, half of it strikes me as worthless and a waste of time. They had breathing/relaxation exercises yesterday. Really people. I husband doesn't care about breathing exercises. And then the domestic abuse briefs are laughable. I know they are for some people. But there's no way in hell Joe's going to hit me. I didn't marry a man that would hit me, period. But still it's fun to talk about the stuff, it makes us laugh and joke around with some of it. Like they told him to kiss me for 20 seconds. Not make out for 20 seconds, just kiss for 20 seconds. And that he has to ask me before we have sex. "Sara, may I touch your butt?" I'm sure it's more in depth than all that, but it's being interpreted by my snarky husband. And it has gotten us talking about stuff, so maybe it's done it's job a little bit. Some of it I'm sure is for single Soldiers, not people that have been married for 4+ years.

Thanks for everyone's excitement when Joe came home. I have no idea what to blog about anymore though. There's no more countdown to keep track of. I'm sure I will come up with something. I hope to do some more blog giveaways!! And life keeps chugging along.


Tammy Munson said...

So glad things are going well for you guys! The training sounds drastically different than Dan's but I can only imagine some of Joe's snarky comments. (probably along the lines of what Dan would say LOL )

Miss y'all!

Julie said...

Some of the training is so silly. Last time I went in on day 3 and it was all about not drinking too much. Felt like it was a huge waste of time but I guess some people need it.