Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BuildASign goodies!!

A few weeks ago, Megan from contacted me about a product review. :) As a milspouse, certainly you know that they create the huge welcome home signs you see at homecomings. But did you know they make just about everything else too??

I was able to pick out a few things and personalize them. And you KNOW I love personalized stuff!! I picked out a window cling, a 4x4 bumper sticker, and a street sign for Joe.

This is the window cling I made. I've always loved the dog on board signs, but I wanted something more personalized. And you all know how much I LOVE my Rigel! It sticks on the inside so no one can steal it, because you know everyone wants a window cling that says Rigel in it. :)

This is the sticker I made for my blog! I love it!! I was able to personalize everything about it, down to the little squiggle. This one I slapped on some magnet backing and stuck it on my car.

A closer shot so you could see the website :)

I made a street sign for Joe. We joke that his game room is just a man cave. And it came in the mail super fast and was here the day before he came home from Iraq. When he went to dump his bags in his man cave he saw the street sign right away. He loved it!

Personalizing everything was amazingly easy. The window cling was originally VERY large, the size that would fit on the back of a whole back car window, but after personalizing it, you can look at all the materials and sizes they have to offer. Now it's 3x5. And the puppy paw is straight from their vast collection of included clip art. And the stickers are just what I was looking for! What a great way to promote a blog!! And Megan also made a html link for the side of my blog linking my blog to the stickers. Joe's street sign couldn't be more perfect. And it was super easy too. Everything shipped very quickly. For personalized products, I'm used to waiting for a few weeks. But not with BuildASign! I had everything within the week I ordered it. I was very impressed! Now that I know what they have to offer, I will definetly using their website more often. I wish I had known this before my wedding, you can make some awesomely creative personalized wedding favors!

And in full disclosure, I was given 1 window cling, 15 bumper stickers, and 1 street sign from BuildASign for an honest review of their products and website. Thanks Megan and BuildASign!!!!

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Dana said...

Another site I found was
I actually got to personalize my own purse/tote bag, I love it! There is pictures on my blog page.
CafePress has everything from bumper stickers, to stadium blankets, coffee mugs to pictures on canvas. They have everything!
Thankyou for sharing the website you found, I cant wait to check it out!