Sunday, May 29, 2011

Motorcycles and Road Rules

Have you seen this sign or saying where you live? It's all over Colorado. I have a serious problem with this sign and the motorcyclists I've almost hit this week. I personally have almost hit two. Joe has come close too. It's getting nice here finally and people are breaking out the bikes. And driving like they have a death wish. They don't obey the speed limits. They swerve in and out of traffic. And they drive down the middle of the road!! Literally!! There will be just enough traffic to slow the cars down and here comes the bike, riding down the dashed yellow line. I'm supposed to watch for these maniacs but they are the ones causing accidents??? I don't think so. I was driving down a 4 lane road just a couple of days ago. I started to pass someone, blinkers on, checked my blink spot, etc. and as I pull into the left lane, here comes a motorcyclist flying at me like a bat out of hell. Joe and I were driving to Denver today to see a Colorado Rockies baseball game. As we neared Denver, the traffic got thicker. And here comes the dumbass, down the center of the road. WTF??? Where are the "Don't be a stupid motorcyclist" signs??

Also something I don't think people know: when you aren't passing someone, you need to be in the right lane. This was a big deal in Arkansas, the state where I took my driving test. The cops would pull you over if you were holding up traffic by staying in the left lane. There are signs here too, but I don't know how strictly it's enforced. While we were driving home from Denver, we encountered this again. Some dumbass held up traffic, going 60mph in a 75mph zone for MILES and NEVER pulled over to the right lane. The cars behind him had to weave in and out of the lanes to get around him. How many people have to pass you on the right before you realize you're a dumbass? Please refrain from being a dumbass. These are the people that cause accidents. As my husband would say --"non-driving mother fuckers."

Well, there ya go, my rant for the evening. :)

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Gina said...

I TOTALLY agree with you.
Where's the sign for the motorcyclists- Don't drive 100 miles an hour swerving in and out and driving between lines.