Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Break in?

Joe told me that someone tried to break into our apartment yesterday while he was at lunch. Thankfully he was at home.

With our walls so thin, you can hear when things happen with the neighbors. Joe said he was sitting on the couch and heard the solicitors knock on the neighbors' door. She answered and you could hear them talking. And then her door shutting. Even though we have a "No Soliciting" sign on our door, these ignorant fucks cant read it and they knock anyway. Joe says Rigel goes crazy of course, he does when ever someone knocks on our door. But Joe knows they are just solicitors and doesn't get off the couch. After a short pause, he hears them grab the door handle and turn it and PUSH! We have a dead bolt that is completely independent from the door handle, so the handle still turns even when the door is locked. Joe says he jumps off the couch and throws open the door. The guy's hand was on the door knob when Joe opens the door. Joe said he grabbed his cell phone out of his pocket and told them he was going to call the cops and report an attempted breaking and entering. Of course the guys bolt. If I had been there, I would have gone through with the call to the cops, and I would have called the apartment complex too. But Joe didn't. I hope he scared them off for good. Or he just pissed them off and they will be back soon.

I hope for their sake they try to break in when I'm not home because I WILL shoot them. Consider yourself warned.

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Shayla said...

AHHH!!!! SCARY!!!!!

our building has a fence behind it and the fence separates our complex from the red roof inn. One morning our neighbor left early for work, two guys watched her leave and broke into her apartment and left with her TV. I leave at 7:10am by then the cops were already there because another neighbor saw- SCARY! The found the guys and got the TV returned. Apparently they were staying at the inn and took the TV back to their room---idiots.