Friday, July 1, 2011

R.E.D. shirt Fridays!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you a topic very close to my heart. It's just a little thing I do to show the troops I care.


R.E.D. shirt Friday

I didn't even know this was celebrated until Joe was already deployed last year. After finding this out, and since I work on post with Soldiers everyday, I decided that we needed to make an effort to do this one simple thing. Three of us got matching shirts that we wore for a while. When our casual Friday was taken away, I couldn't wear my t-shirt any more. I went to Kohls on a mission to find a bright red shirt for my Fridays at work. I luckily found one.

While Joe was deployed, an online friend sent me a very special gift, a deployment bracelet from I LOVE this bracelet and wore it every day that Joe was gone. When a good friend had to watch her husband go to Afghanistan, I paid it forward. Our bracelets are posted below.

And I have found a wonderful treasure online, well, I guess she found me. :) You have to see the amazing 550 cord bracelets and keychains from the Facebook page Paracord Bracelets & Stuff!! I ordered a "Red Friday" bracelet composed of Army digital camo and red cord.

And check out this awesome red, white, and blue Support the Troops keychain!

It's Friday, are you wearing your red to support the troops and Remember Everyone Deployed? I know it's not a big thing, I'm not making a huge impact on anything. But with the apathy about our military nowadays, if I can get one person to take a minute to think about a deployed Soldier and their sacrafice for our country, I'll be happy with my RED shirt Fridays. Perhaps they will go one to join a troop writing group or adopt a service member. Every little bit counts.

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