Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cake Pops

I have to share my toy with you all. This is a babycake cake pop maker. I got this one at Kohl's when my mom was here. Her mother wanted one so since we were at Kohl's we checked them out. Babycakes makes a few other machines, a donut maker, a cupcake maker, and whoopie pies! You can check them out here:

You just make a batter and oil up the pan, similar to a waffle maker. And pop the batter in the little half spheres. I'm still trying to work out a good way to go about this. The spoon method is out. I put the batter into a plastic bag and piped it out. That worked pretty good, but I'm pretty messy anyway. I need a real pastry bag. Anyway, after making 3 batches with the recipe they included in the box, red velvet nonetheless, I let them cool in the freezer. Then melted whatever chocolate coating I had in my house, which happened to be one cube of semi-sweet chocolate and 4 cubes of white chocolate (I didn't go buy anything for this baking session, so I just rummaged through my cabinet until I found what I needed. I also didnt use buttermilk, like the recipe called for. Who has buttermilk in their house on a regular basis? Not this girl).

Anyway, after they chilled, I stuck the included white stick in the cute little ball and dipped it in the chocolate. They kinda look like tootsie roll pops with the line in the middle, but they are still delicious! And I got better at coating them as I went along and found little tricks, as you can see below.

At this point you're probably saying, "Sara, you're supposed to put the sticks in foam to set." Well yeah, but when you don't have any spare foam just chilling in your house you make do with what you got. These are actually Joe's Crown Royal classes. They were the perfect size and did the trick.

The cake pop maker was only like $20 at Kohl's and it was lots of fun to make. This is the point where I have a frowny face because I would love to have a daughter to bake with. If you do have a little one to play with, I recommend this fun little toy. There are recipes for apple cinnamon donut holes and many other fun things to make. But if you are a silly girl like me, you will think this is pretty darn cool anyway. I can think of many different things to do with this machine, and I cant wait until Halloween to make ghosts to eat!!

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Nicole said...

They came out great!
BTW you can make buttermilk by mixing regular milk and lemon juice together :)