Friday, October 28, 2011

Noisy Neighbors

I have lived in an apartment since I was 19 years old. But I have never had this current problem before.

My neighbors have extremely loud sex at 3am and wake us up!

Monday morning, at 3 am, we were woken up by their bed violently hitting our wall. Then came the screaming. Joe and I were both up. And couldn't go back to sleep. We were both pissed. So that morning before work, I left a short polite note on their door. "Could you please move your bed away from the wall so we can't hear you at 3am? Thanks- the neighbors on the other side of the wall."

So all quiet until this morning... at 3am. But this time it wasn't the bed, it was her, SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. Her voice woke us up. We could hear ever word she said. Think about your walls, how loud would she have to be to have ever word made out? Then the bed banging started. It's embarrassing and annoying. How stupid and inconsiderate do you have to be to know you are loud enough to wake up the neighbors and continue to do it anyway??

So I'm thinking about talking to the apartment office today. I don't want them kicked out or fined or anything, but I gave them my note and nothing has changed. I think they need a warning from the office. Maybe the office has had this problem before and knows how to handle it.

I know there are certain things you have to live with while living in an apartment so close to other people. But having my wall hit at 3am shouldn't be one of them.

So tell me what you think. Am I way off base here? Should I just let it go and continue to be annoyed at 3am?


Brittany said...

That's just RUDE and it seems like your note set them off which is why they were much louder the next night. But people need to realize that yes, it is your space, but you're also in a close community and you need to be respectful of the others around you. I get that the fire gets lit every once in a while and people have loud sex ... whatever. You get annoyed that one time, have a good laugh and move on.

But repeatedly? Especially after you were polite? I would definitely complain to the apartment community and keep complaining. if push comes to shove you can always call the cops and file a noise disturbance complaint against them as well or ask the community to move you at their expense to another apartment.

Good luck. :( And invest in ear plugs!!! ha!

Becca said...

WOW! We lived in an apartment back in Georgia before moving to Washington. This happened to us a few times but not every night! I would definitely comeplain to the office seeing as they are not trying to take you and your sleep into consideration.

Sara said...

We were joking that we need to call the cops and suggest that someone might be getting attacked. Loud noises, violent banging on the walls, loud screams from a female, etc. That might get our point across. I'm only mainly joking. Mainly.

Lisa said...

Definitely say something to the apartment office and let the apartment office know that you will file a noise complaint with the police if it doesn't stop.

Sadly I've dealt with this before too, and it didn't get any better until I moved out!

A Engineer in the Kitchen said...

I have a similar noise problem but its not the sex its the stereo blaring at any given time. I've tried just about everything...even calling the cops (which he ignores) nothing seems to work. I believe that I am slowly going crazy do to it.

I would try the office, some people have no respect for the people that live in the same building as them.