Monday, October 10, 2011

Product Review for Empire Covers

A few weeks ago, Empire Covers contacted me and asked if I would like to participate in a product review for them on this blog. I jumped at the chance! My avid readers will remember the CRAZY Spring weather here in Colorado Springs and my annoyance of the stupid winds. I had one window on my Honda Pilot shatter from one wind storm. Then had ALL FOUR of the windows on the left side shatter from another wind storm. Yeah, I'm done with the winds, thank you very much. Joe and I debated getting a car cover, but we never really went through with it. And now it's winter in Colorado. It's October 10th, and it's already snowed here. So a car cover was right up my alley! Anyway, I was able to decide what I wanted. Finding the right car cover was SUPER easy!! Just go to their website, and click on the item you want to cover. They have everything from vehicle covers to boat covers to RV covers to patio furnature covers! So I clicked on vehicle covers, the make, the year, the model and got to the page I was looking for. Pretty simple really. HERE'S the page for the covers that fit a Honda Pilot. I got the Empire Covers Titan Quatro 4L SUV Cover. When I told Empire Covers about the winds we had out here, they also threw in some "Gust Guards." They shipped the cover amazingly quickly. And the cover is huge! Today was nice and sunny so Joe and I were able to try it out.

Isn't it awesome?? It's still kinda wrinkled, look past that please. I honestly never figured I would find a cover to fit a SUV. I am so excited that this fits my car! I've never had a car cover before. It's definitely a two person job until I get the hang of it. Joe had to help me get it on. The Titan is heavy. And large! But it covers the whole car. The Titan is made out of 4 ultra-thick layers – 3 outer layers of Polypropylene and 1 inner layer of Fleece. I was really sold with the layer of fleece, it's soft, wont scratch my car, and adds a layer of protection for my windows

Can you tell how excited I am about this??

A HUGE thanks to Empire Covers for allowing me to do this product review for you. Thank you very much for the cover!!

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