Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rear D?

Rear Detachment.

Joe has been in a few different units -

Two different chemical units - in Germany and in Kansas
An Engineering unit - which he deployed with as their NBC NCO
A Cav scout unit - which he went to JRTC with as OPFOR

But now he's in a Rear D unit. The brigade is deployed. And all is up in the air once again. Every day is a new day. He is assigned, randomly, to different squads, platoons, funeral fire lines, and the kicker - "ready" units that will deploy if they are needed.

I don't know a single Soldier who has ever been on a rear D. Joe was under the impression they didn't do anything. I thought they were left at home to support the brigade since the rest were gone.

But I can tell you, this is NOT what we needed with 8 months left in the Army. If Joe deploys again with this much time left, I will be pissed. He should be ACAPing and taking his ACT, preparing for civilian life, not walking the streets of Afghanistan.

And on another note, I was complaining on Twitter and got a very rude DM about how "good" we have it in the Military and how I shouldn't complain about anything - what an ungrateful bitch. Well, I was watching my husband prepare his Class As for a memorial for a SSG who died in Afghanistan last week, while hearing about another IED death on the news. So yeah, I have every fucking right to complain about our situation. As do YOU! Our troops should NOT be in Afghanistan. They don't want us there. Why are we still there?

Anyway, if this offends you, feel free to unfollow me. Trust me, I wont care. I'm done with the Army. I'm done with saying the "right" things just because it's the proper thing to do. I will always support the troops and my Soldier, but I can also have my own opinions.


Natalia said...

Totally agree. Hope he does not have to deploy! Hang in there!!

Jamie said...


Julie Danielle said...

Rear D is no picnic that's for sure. And I hate that the Army can have them in a "maybe deploy, maybe not" place. It is so frustrating! I hope the next few months fly by for you guys!