Thursday, January 24, 2013

One month out

Well, sorta. "Out" is a relative term. Joe started terminal leave a month ago. But his ETS date is in February. But he's already settling into civilian life. He hasn't shaved his face in a month... literally. The man has a pretty awesome beard at the moment. I didn't realize he hated shaving so much. At least we're saving money on razors, right?

We're finding a new pace. I'm going to work daily and Joe is taking care of the house. And I must say, I am so happy he was the one at home when the movers came. This move was HORRIBLE!! They broke or busted so much of our stuff. He's handling all the aftermath too - the submitting of pics and replacement values - and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. I would have sat down and cried about half of the furniture they busted (the foot board to my beautiful bed and 4 sets of shelves and my awesome coffee table... ugh, the list could go on). And I know if this was just a PCS, I would be the one dealing with this daily. HA! I just have to go to work!

But it wouldn't have been just a PCS. Joe's next duty station was Korea - the orders had come down before his terminal leave started. I could be packing for Korea. The idea just stuns me. Strangely enough, I have a good friend who is about to move to Korea in basically just days. I just cant imagine. I cant imagine leaving the states. I cant imagine living so close to NORTH Korea. I cant imagine leaving Rigel behind (there's NO way I would put him through the quarantine process). I just wouldn't do it. I'd be in Colorado Springs anyway. Or I guess move home to well, here, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

I'm finding it harder to ditch the Army than I thought it would be. Little things will happen and I will almost forget that Joe's no longer enlisted. I still want to RT the Army stuff. I want to like the Yellow Ribbon stuff on Facebook. I want that Army charm in my Origami Owl party. It's been our life for quite a while. So I guess I will slowly figure out how to transition from Army wife as well. I was so sick and tired of the crap that I wanted to just throw up my hands and walk away. Well, even this cynical snarky ass is finding that hard. I have make so many wonderful friends because of Joe's job. And I have been places and experienced things that I never would have even come close to otherwise. It's just hard to throw it all away.

It's also weird living so far away from a military community. People talk about Soldiers in both positive and negative ways, not even thinking that they could be talking to a milspouse. I get protective of my guys (and girls). I've had some weird convos because of it. Someone told me they could never be married to a Soldier because Soldiers are known for "freaking out and murdering everyone." Um... what? LOL! She got a quick lesson about making such large generalizations about a whole group of people. Well, Joe would only freak out if someone was trying to hurt me.. or Rigel. Then all bets are off and you better watch your ass. LOL! We were walking home just last night and I made a comment about someone jumping out of the bushes to attack us. Joe just laughs. He told me to make sure I called the cops while he beat that ass. I, personally, enjoy being married to someone I know can protect me (which is basically what I told the big mouth with the unplesent generalization). Not like, oh yeah, guys are big and can fight - our Soldier husbands are trained in hand to hand combat. I've become the Army liaison in the office.

But being home is wonderful. I leave my parents' farm knowing I will see them next week, not next year. I know Arkansas. I know the backroads of Fayetteville. I know my favorite hole-in-the-wall resturants. I know that 45* is COLD in Arkansas and smirk when people complain about the wind chill of 40*. I love the thunder I grew up with. And the HUMIDITY!! And the Southern accent. And people who call me hun and say britches.

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