Monday, July 6, 2009

Army Wives (The Show)

So I know we all tuned in last night because Denise and Frank were getting a divorce. So sad. But honestly, it's just about the most realistic thing I've seen on this tv show. And then the ladies get together and do the whole "We're not going to let you leave" thing, like they really have a choice. So I've been married to my husband for two years this month (July 13th baby!!) and lived with him at a duty station (off psot though) for a year and a half. And in that time, I have lost 3 REALLY good friends. LOL, okay, maybe lost is a bad word. They have moved on as people in the military often do.

One friend was my neighbor. She was truely my best friend up here when I needed someone to hang on to. We came together in a time of crisis in Kansas (it's called a TORNADO!! LOL!) and became fast friends. She moved away because her hubby deployed and she was pregnant and needed to be near family. I completely understand why she needed to move home, but I still really miss her. There is a void in the neighborhood since she and her hubby have left.

Another friend became a statistic... she and her soldier hubby got a divorce after getting married because she got pregnant. They werent together for too long, only about 3 years. She got a divorce and moved home. It was bittersweet because she REALLY needed to get herself and her baby out of that situation (!!!) but I'd known her for just about forever. We even went to high school together and just kinda ended up at the same duty station (what are the odds?). I miss her dearly.

And my other friend and avid yorkie lover PCSed with her hubby. Nothing surprising there. It happens. It's really sad though. Rigel and I already miss our "puppy dates" with her and Gizmo and Brody. We met at work/school. She moved at the end of the school year and next year isnt going to be the same without her. She was really nice and personable and reached out to the new girl... me.

And we were all getting ready for a REALLY good friend to move home when her husband deployed. We all understood and would have supported any decision she made. But due to logistics, she kinda has to stay here. And I'm super excited!! (Sorry Lucy, I am!!) I know how lucky I am to be keeping such a GREAT friend in this life was have all signed up for. We all have make commitments to her to support her though the deployment (her first, her husband's first too). But that's what friends are for. And we will do whatever she needs us to do. I can promise you that.

So yeah, back to my point, even though we will miss Denise's character (and I'm still hoping that Frank realizes he loves and wants her to stay despite her stupid mistakes, but that's a different blog) this is what really happens in the Army. And I sometimes wonder just how long they can keep the same characters in the show due to this fact. Roxy especially. Trevor is a SPC that will PCS in a few years. But I guess Michael Holden can keep him there. All they have to say is that his company is fenced in and it will solve all the PCSing problems. But what about Chase Moran? How often do Special Forces PCS? I have no idea really.

Isnt it lovely how I talk about these people like they're real?!? LOL! I just love this show! I really do. It's cute and usually really funny. But not all that realistic. But the moving thing... I've kinda been waiting to see how they deal with PCSs and changing the cast of characters.
**Names have been changed for your protection.. and because I like giving people aliases!! So I'd like to give a shout out to "Lucy"!! We love ya and are REALLY glad you arent going home! If you EVER need ANYTHING, you know you can call us.**

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