Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gordon Ramsay

BBC America... have we always had this channel? About three months ago, Joe started watching Hell's Kitchen with Chef Ramsay. I suffered through the yelling and cursing that was Gordon Ramsay... or so I thought!!

Gordon has two shows on BBC America: Gordon's Kitchen Nightmares and Gordon Ramsay's F Word (The F stands for food, LOL). And he's just amazing! Not at all like the "character" he plays on Hell's Kitchen. Joe keeps saying that I have a mad crush on this guy. And well... maybe I do. But he's really nice! LOL! There are parts about his family, his wife and kids, his mom, his best friends, etc. He raises sheep, pigs, and turkeys... in his backyard and gives them all names. There was just a shot of him (yes, I'm watching it right now) holding his son upside down. The family is currently washing their pigs in a kiddie pool in their backyard.

I'm a sucker for food shows anyway (always willing to learn a new way to cook chicken) but his have a very human element to them that I just love. Joe even thinks his shows are funny.

So if you find yourself with nothing else to do, see if you have BBC America. I promise you will be hooked as well!

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