Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TWC... totally worthless crap...

Alright, I have a HUGE gripe this morning. I remember watching the weather channel every morning in college. Weather 24/7. Radars. Always updating. Weather on the 8s - remember weather on the 8s?

Last night, some storms went through Kansas. I've been here for almost two years now and I'm getting used to being in a tornado watch every other day. But it's really sad when I turn to TWITTER for the weather updates!! There were hundreds of people tweeting about the weather in their town. I watched while the tornado warning and a sighting of a funnel cloud made it's way through our state.

So what's on the weather channel? Hurricane preparedness... without any hurricanes. The 40th anniversary of the moon landing. How the recession is hurting our summer fun. How the cooler summers are hurting our summer fun. All while people are tweeting about a tornado. They were bragging that you can now get "news" on the weather channel. "You never have to change the channel"... except to hear about the weather. Ironic, hu?

So basically I'm done with the weather channel. Since I've had my Blackberry with the kick ass weather radar, I can give better weather reports anyway. Flood warning... no shit... my backyard is a huge mud puddle. Tornado watch... yep... someone 30 miles northwest of me already warned me about the storm about to hit on Twitter.

Weather on the 8s... except when the little blonde girls are messing around or some dumb "storm stories" is on. Really.. 8:48 last night... nope.. no weather... except on Twitter.


Jen said...

OMG, Sara...I soooo know what you're talking about! We were avid TWC watchers...but now we get our current weather on the internet. And speaking of a flood, our basement is flooded...oh, what a mess!

Gotta love Kansas weather.

Sara said...

Oh crap... sorry about your basement. That sucks. But you can forecast a flood too!