Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Laura & Euna

I really dont know why this story is getting to me like this. It saddens me. It angers me. It frustrates me. And there's nothing I can do, except, I guess, spread the word. I'm sure you have all heard about this story by now. Unless it too has been overshadowed by the MJ halftime show.

Two American journalists, Laura Ling (36) and Euna Lee (32), were detained March 17 while reporting on North Korean refugees living across the border in China. North Korea has since convicted them of “committing hostilities against the Korean nation and illegal entry,” and sentenced the two women to 12 years of hard labor.

There has been very little info between these two women and the outside world. But I got word from @LiberateLaura on Twitter that they have found a way through the North Korean Swedish Ambassador to get some postcards to Laura and Euna! Like it says below in the Facebook thing, the depression and mental anguish these ladies must be going though is just unimaginable! And I think we should all take a few moments out of our day to send them just a little hope and love and let them know that their fight has not been forgotten. I mailed off two postcards yesterday. I got 5 postcards for a $1 at the gas station while I filled up my car so there isnt any excuse for not sending these ladies one darn postcard!! The information is below.

I got this from Facebook:

Tuesday the 7th of July will mark Euna and Laura's 17th week being held behind bars. The closest they have been to family have been a few calls. Depression is an overwhelming state of being. We have an opportunity to shine some light into their current way of life. Postcards. We can not send letters but postcards can be sent to Laura and Euna. Working with the families, your message will reach halfway around the world and be that warm embrace for Euna and Laura. You can get any postcard, from blank on the front to your city. Write your message and send your postcards, with who it is for (Laura or Euna or both), and send it to:

PO Box 2174
Toluca Lake, CA 91610

Now go do it!!
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I like your blog, Sara. I'm not military, so when I started working at the Fort Leavenworth newspaper I was really surprised when all my assumptions about the hooah culture turned out to be wrong. Not quite the ultra-conservative place I thought it would be.

Thanks for the Laura and Euna info. As a journalist, their plight really scares and saddens me.

Sara said...

Oh me too! The military is nothing like I thought it would be. I knew it was going to be some seriously conservative right-winged mess. But its not. It's made up of individuals with individual values, ideals, and ideas. Everyone may be trained together to fight together, but they are all different.