Saturday, August 22, 2009

Army Integrity?

So Joe plays softball with a company league. They had a tournament last night. Joe's team came in 2nd. We're really happy with that. But this isn't what the blog is about.

There was a serious problem with a team last night. One team had the pitcher's sons playing during the tournament! These kids were going around calling this guy dad. So someone questioned it. They were in the middle of a game with another team, but no one got back before the game was over, so that team couldn't protest that game. The team that lost RAN over to our coach and told them what was happening so our team had time to protest the "players" before the game started. Turns out, these kids were high school varsity baseball players, and sons of an E-7. The officials called for an ID check and all of these little boys ran to the parking lot and didn't come back. The cheating team was REALLY upset about being accused of cheating. But half of the team left and never came back with their ID cards. Really fishy, since ALL of our players, and even the extras, had their ID cards. And everyone decided that they should have forfeited the game right there on the spot. But the officials went really easy on them. They were allowed to play with the people that had ID cards. Our team won. But still, it's the principle of the thing. The guys on our team walked about talking about integrity and character really loudly so that everyone knew what they were getting at. The coach of the team that lost because they weren't able to protest the "players" said he was going to tell someone about the lack of Army qualities in this team. Even I knew you had to be a soldier to play on the league and Joe always makes sure he has his ID card on him. He's even said a few times that he had to have it just in case they checked IDs before the games. I cant believe they didn't check ID cards before a championship tournament anyway!

It really freaks me out when Joe starts chanting Army stuff, like last night- "it's an Army value!!" I think he would live by those values with or without the Army. But it makes me wonder just how many soldiers live by the values and creeds that they memorize for the boards and oaths. I know some great soldiers. But I know some really crappy ones too. Sadly I know many soldiers that hit their wives, drink and drive, and apparently cheat at stupid softball tournaments. Why cant these people just grow up?

But the civilian population is just the same (the military doesn't have a monopoly on the idiots of the world). So does the Army really change people? Does the Army have the ability to instill these values into these stupid arrogant bastards that cheat at a softball game? Apparently not. So again... what's the point of these Army values?


TheAlbrechtSquad said...

I've always said that the uniform doesn't turn someone into a stellar person. I would hope that if they didn't have some of these values (especially integrity and respect) before coming in the Army, they would learn them, but I guess some things just can't be taught. It is sad. To me the Army Values are really common sense, as humans we should ALL live them.

Sad that those players felt a "win" was more important than their integrity.

Army Duck said...

I think the Army can help someone on the wrong path to find a better life but it doesn't make you a good person. I have met/heard about from B a lot of jerks.

I can't believe they were going to cheat though, that really sucks