Sunday, August 30, 2009

General Rigel O. Wallace

Rigel is getting a lot of attention with his new ACU collar. Silly dog was outside doing his business yesterday and he ran off to see another dog going for a walk. The owner was of course a fellow Army wife (we all are around here) that noticed his collar. I gave her the website. Want it?? I got exactly what I wanted and it shipped REALLY fast! And they arent very expensive either. I was afraid that Joe wouldnt like it. I left it on the coffee table until he noticed it. If I put it on Rigel no telling how long it would take him to notice it. Joe picked it up, gave me a look, and put it back down. Not a word was said. LOL! So I know he approved!! If he had said anything, he might have thought it was absurd. But once it was on Rigel, Joe checked it out again. He laughed and said that he thought I was crazy. But again, didn't say he didn't like the collar! Rigel is named after a star in the Orion constellation so his tag is a star shape. With his ACU collar and a gold star I told Joe that it made Rigel a General so he had to be nice to him. Joe thought that was funny. But still grabbed Rigel's dog face to prove that he didn't take any orders from General Wallace!

I also got a key chain. I love it!! Our last name is on the other side. I think all of my Army wife friends and mothers (in law) will be getting them for Christmas. They weren't expensive either. I love personalized stuff. One would think that with a name like Sara I would be able to find all sorts of stuff. But alas, Americans spell Sara with an H. But of course, you cant find anything with our last name on it! Joe did roll his eyes at my new key chain. He thinks I'm silly. Oddly enough, I think he liked Rigel's collar better. Now I want a personalized ACU purse. I saw a lady at Wal-Mart once with the perfect purse. Sara now would have run up to her to ask her where she got it. But Sara 2 years ago was new in town and was apprehensive about looking like a silly Army wife. Ha! Now I know we're all silly Army wives... and I want your purse!! Haven't seen her, or that perfect purse, since. I did see an adorable ACU diaper bag at the last FRG meeting. It'll be a must when we have kids. Had their last name and "Army Brat" on the velcro tags.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the keychain made? It's so cute!

Sara said...

Just ordered a bunch as Christmas presents!