Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Moving Time!

**Wrote this from my Blackberry on Thursday but it didnt post.**

The mover is here. Yeah, that's right, one female mover was sent to pack up a 3 bedroom townhouse. But she's doing as awesome job. Asking about delicate items and making sure she doesn't pack trash (like the shredder I emptied two days ago but the hubs had to shred stuff this morning). Two bedrooms are already done. Joe's game room will be easy. Then just the downstairs. Which is mostly food and dishes. I've talked to her a little bit. I just can't remember her name.

I've scheduled a walkthrough of our place for Monday. And I've made hotel reservations for Tuesday in Colorado Springs. Its all coming together. As long as we can get there before it snows again I will be a happy camper!

Joe has stolen my DS and refuses to give it up. Thereks only been random outbursts of curse words and Army jargon from him. I've been tweeting all day. I'm sure I've pissed someone off with my million tweets. But we are now without television and internet (still on, Joe just packed up his computer) until later on. And I just found out that there's a problem with Blackberrys receiving emails today. Yay! LOL!

Joe needs to go buy bolt cutters. He chained his grill and propane tank to the house, and then promptly lost the combination. I love my husband. LOL! I am currently laughing about it. He is not. He's heading out the door to go get them now.

I cannot believe were moving.

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