Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two $7 camping chairs and a gray Tupperware box

I think that in the end, you start to think about the beginning... especially when it's staring at you straight in the face! We moved to Junction City exactly two years ago today. We had been married for 6 months. But Joe had spent those 6 months in Germany. We drove two cars up from Paris, Arkansas to Kansas. My very first experience with anything on an Army post was temporary housing losing our pet-friendly reservations TWICE. We spent 4 days in the Motel 8 while Joe in-processed and I called EVERY apartment complex in Junction City (all 6 of them). Only two were pet-friendly and only one of those had any apartments/townhouses available. So we took it. We had packed a television, a box of forks, and our clothes. Joe didn't have ANYTHING from Germany (as it took over a month to ship it here). He only had what he could take on the plane with him. We went to Wal-Mart and bought three $7 camping chairs, an air mattress, and food. I didn't pack anything we truly needed. I have no idea what I was thinking! Looking back, I think about myself as a silly little girl thinking we were camping or something. Oddly enough, that was only TWO years ago! It seems like far more than that.

So here we are. December 19th, 2009. All of our belongings have been packed up and taken away. We are left with our $7 camping chairs and that same gray Tupperware box. But this time it's packed with the RIGHT things. And when Joe looked at me last night with his beer in his hand with a sad face because HE forgot to grab his bottle opener, I can smile at him and point to the gray Tupperware box.

I look around and smile. Rigel is laying in the sun. Joe is playing the DS and cursing at the Lego characters. We have boxes of food and piles of dog toys all around us. I ask myself why I signed up to do this EVERY TWO YEARS!
But then I look at my amazing husband and my sweetheart puppy and I realize that I wouldn't want this any other way. It's amazing the things we wives do for our husbands, our soldier husbands. But I've decided that moving isn't on that list. I would follow him anywhere. And I don't even have to pack!


Sight Seer said...

Its a good idea to have a checklist handy when going camping. Its too easy to forget something.

ABW said...

It's funny how what we think is important the first PCS is not so much for all the rest of them!

Julie said...

I told DH I was ok with moving as long as I didn't have to I really hated having to do that before the army.