Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 1

Wednesdays will never be the same.

So far so good though. One week down. It hasn't been as bad as I expected. I don't burst into tears like I thought I would. Cooking for one isn't has hard as I thought it would be. Driving his car to the store wasn't the agony I imagined.

And Rigel comes to bed now. I swear he cuddles more now than he did when Joe was here. I can't say Joe's name though. If I'm on the phone and I say "Joe" Rigel immediately perks up. He searches the house. Bedroom. Game room. Bathroom. Kitchen. Then he comes back and stares at me. How can something so small love someone so much? He misses his Joe so much. And there's no way for me to explain that he'll be back. That's the only thing that tears me up inside. But I couldn't do this without that little fuzz ball.

Joe has been able to call just about everyday. The calls are about 10 minutes long, depending on where he is and how many people are waiting for the phone he's on. He gets serious brownie points for calling so often. And letting me know when he'll be able to call again. I've been attached to my Blackberry for a week now. Joe said that he wouldn't be able to call again until Sunday. And there is a serious relief that I don't have to take my phone to the bathroom with me for 4 days. LMAO!!

Joe is trying his hardest to describe his surroundings to me (Men, listen to your wives and freaking take a camera with you!!). I've never been to any real desert, unless Arizona and Nevada count, but Joe assures me that Kuwait is nothing like that. He tries to describe the sand and the sun and the buildings. He bought some stuff at a bazaar and is sending a package home to me. He talks about camels and it hits me all over again where he is, what he's doing. He says it's a lot like being in the field for a long time. And complains that he cant take 30 minute showers. But he's sleeping okay because of the pool floaty we bought the day before he left. He says that everyone is jealous and the other guys have already phoned home to ask for one in their first care packages. Joe wants another one as a backup just in case.

We finally know when he'll be heading to Iraq. That's a whole new ballgame. Everything will change. I don't know when he'll be able to call. I don't know IF he'll be able to call as much. So many more unknowns. But we will know soon enough.

There is an FRG potluck this weekend. I RSVPed yes. I love meeting new people.

Still looking for a job. I have a few nibbles out there, but nothing serious yet.

We had a HUGE snow storm here last night. Definitely the most snow we have gotten since we moved here in December. I'm taking pics and video of the snow and the dog for Joe so he can see it when I send him the camera.

Just trying to stay busy.

And the support I've recieved from fellow military spouses, family, friends, and complete strangers has been greatly appriciated. People I barely know what to mail me coupons and help out with things Joe might need. People continue to surprise me.


Expat Girl said...

You sound like you are doing great : ) Keep looking forward to those phone calls darling, its amazing how they get me through the day.

Amy said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. I only hope I'll be doing as well in a couple more weeks!

Julie the Army Wife said...

Sounds like you are off to a good start with this whole thing. Poor Rigel :(

Queen Bethers said...

Hi, you don't know me but I have been reading your blog for a couple months now. I'm also an army wife. I read your blog to kinda get an idea of what things will be like when we get our first deployment.
Check out this website, it is basically comprised of army wives who have been where you are and can help you with any questions you have. There's a group of them who have currently deployed soldiers and they give eachother encouragement and focus while dealing with everything life brings.
Best of luck to you and Rigel thru this next year.
Beth (QueenBethers on AWC)

Rachel said...

oo a pool floaty? I'll hvae to add that on my list of things to send Pat!!

Erin said...

You might as well just glue the blackberry to your hand for the next year. Or maybe we should invent some gadget for military wives so they always have their phone with them.