Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunshine Award

Thanks to Sarah over at G. I. Joe's Wife for this awesome sunshine award! Sarah and I rock because we are both married to a Joe. And I wont hold the "h" against her!

I want to award this to the people that always brighten my day! These are a few of the blogs I really enjoy reading. With all of our husbands/boyfriends gone, I thought a little sunshine might brighten your day!!

Ashley at Army Brat to Army Wife

Tammy at Army Household6

Patty at Bullocks with Butterflie Wings

Erica at Hellcat Betty

Rachel at I Dont Wear Khakis.... Yet

Kayla at The Long Blue Dress

Expat Girl at The Sand is Different Here


Sarah said...

Lol! Thanks for not holding my "h" against me!!! =D

Sara said...

Your welcome! LOL!! My very best friend growing up had an "h" on her Sarah.

Tammy Munson said...

Thanks so much.. you're the BEST!!!

Rachel said...

Aw thank you so so much! as soon as i get my stupid flash java adobe thinger updated ill repost! :) you're so so sweet!

HellcatBetty said...

AWw, thanks dearie!! :)