Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 3

Week 3 has flown by! I was concerned about the first "holiday" without Joe. We're not really religious people so Easter is a fairly easy holiday to start with. I cant imagine not having him here for our anniversary or his birthday. But we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

I have 78 blog followers!! Hi new peeps!!

I was asked to be a guest blogger! I'm probably far too excited about this, but I just cant believe that someone would care what I have to say or actually think it's worth repeating.

I had my first visitors here in Colorado! My uncle Frank and his youngest son, Jason, drove here from Arkansas on Saturday. They were also my first visitors in Kansas. I smell a tradition! We went to the Garden of the Gods on Sunday. It was a perfect day to be outside. They tried to go up Pike's Peak on Monday but it was closed due to the FREAKY wind and abundant snow. So we went out to the commissary to buy German food and then out to eat. They left on Tuesday.

My awesome neighbors are moving very soon and they gave me a "telephone table." It's super cute, taller than most tables. I have a Scentsy warmer on it in my bedroom at the moment. I dont know if that's were it will stay, but it works for now.

Joe has been able to call almost everyday. And he's been able to warn me when he knows he wont have time to call. And he's been online for a few minutes here and there. Last night he kept me up until 1:30am and called at 8:45 this morning. I would say that it's really sweet that he's calling so much, but at this point, I think he's doing it at the early morning hours just to be an ass. That's my Joe! But last night he started talking about our honeymoon and going to a spa when he gets home and how much he misses me. It was late, I was tired, and I couldnt help but cry. I've said it before, but I really think this deployment has made him mushy!!

I have a feeling he will be moving to Iraq soon. Some people in his group have already left. He keeps telling me his flight has been postponed, but I just have this anxious feeling. I know he cant just start blabbing about troop movements, but there has to be some code word he can say that will let me know he's about to move. We should have made up a code language before he left.

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