Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 5

DAY 36

We had our first communications blackout this week. Joe is fine. There was an "incident," as Joe put it, but no attacks on the FOB. So he was without internet for basically two days. And when the internet came back up and Joe was able to get back online, what's the first thing he says? "I missed you."

And since we've reached the 5 week mark of this lovely deployment, we JUST got the "official" APO address. Makes lots of sense, doesnt it? But since I'm REALLY bad at following orders, I've been sending boxes since last week.

I chopped all of my hair off this week and became blonde again! A few of the highlights are going to be touched up today and then I will post pics on Twitter. Joe doesnt know yet. I want to fix it first. I was blonde in high school and most of college, when Joe and I first got together. That picture was taken 2001, our last year of high school. Gotta love the quality of this pic. Taken with just a normal "film" camera.


*Jenn* said...

Aw! I cant wait to see your hair! Im getting my done next week. :) Im going blonder too...

Michelle Kwasny said...

Ooo new hair is always nice.
Congrats on reaching week 5! See, time is flying :)

Rachel said...

Ooo I cant wait to see the blonde!