Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 6

Day 43

As a general rule, Joe doesn't smile in pictures. But trust me, he's a happy boy!!

Joe got his first care packages this week, which included a camera. He's been so happy about those boxes. He says he's living like a king in a refugee camp. I sent him a twin sized mattress, jersey sheets (that Joe didn't know even existed and was completely surprised with) and a blanket that he can double up when he gets cold. Plus snacks, books, and PSP games. I sent him the book "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." I hope he likes it. He's been posting pictures on Facebook. The pictures are... unbelievable. I flip through them, trying to imagine living there for a year. Trying to describe the pictures, but there aren't any adjectives that seem to fit. I looks like a.... It looks so.... It looks so much like a.... WAR ZONE, SARA!! The words you are looking for are WAR ZONE!! I have no idea what I had imagined it would look like, the pictures are just amazing to look at. I'm so lucky that I get to see where he is, I can imagine where he lays down to sleep.

One huge downside to it all really. I know that Joe is in a war zone, no one needs to remind me, but the situation with the mail has really pissed me off! It's not like he's asking for beef jerky and gum. He needs toilet paper, wet wipes, socks, and food! So I hear about soldiers getting mail more than once a week, but my husband's FOB runs out of toilet paper and wont be able to get care packages more than once a month??!?!?!!? WTF!?!?! I know it's not just his FOB, and I should be thankful for everything that is working in our favor, but this is retarded!! #MAILFAIL!!! Fucking take care of our Soldiers, DAMN IT!!

Okay, rant over.

We have our first FRG meeting since the deployment tonight. I didn't go to any before Joe left. We got here two and a half months before he deployed and I think there was only one FRG meeting in that time period. Some of us have gotten together to do other things, like pack goodie bags for the guys before they left. I really want to meet the other ladies. I only a know a few, and the drama has already started. So this could be interesting.

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Southern Belle said...

Huge mail fail! Isn't that frustrating? You would think they could at least provide the basics: toilet paper and food! Sheesh!

*Jenn* said...

O man! That whole mail situation sucks! Im so sorry! :(
Drama! Drama! Yuck! No fun-

Renee said...

He IS smiling... you can see it in his eyes!!Ugh... mail! Getting mail once a month just won't work!

Michelle Kwasny said...

Awww what a cute pic.

Amy said...

I'm glad that he finally got his care package. I'm sure he was really happy!

And it sucks that snail mail is so horrible these days. You'd think with less people using it, it would be better...WRONG!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, we were told our husbands won't be getting ANY care packages. Luckily they have all the necessities on submarines, just no communication :(