Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 10

Day 71

Look at that! Week 10. DOUBLE DIGITS!! Woot Woot!!

R&R dates? Yes please!! Close, but no cigar. But I have a nice big window to work with.

And 100 blog followers!! YAY!!

Not too much has happened. I started and finished training at work. I may have even hooked Lucy up with a job, fingers crossed! One can only bang their head against a wall for so long before it's just time to walk away. I hope Lucy has the courage to walk away from that wall. Change is hard, but I really think this is for the best. Lucy is the kindest, sweetest person I know. And by far the hardest worker in that group. And she deserves to be treated better.

I had a great weekend watching sappy movies and hanging out with Rigel. And my parents are planning a visit in July, maybe over my and Joe's anniversary and Joe's birthday. It would be nice to have family close during that week.

What a lame blog. Call me boring, but I like an uneventful week.


Renee said...

Woot Woot for the double-digits!! I'm not there in weeks yet, but I'll be doing a happy dance in 4 weeks!

Field of Dreams said...

Congrats on 10 weeks!!!

Rachel said...

WOOOOOOO I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you post your "count ups"! lol Finally 10 weeks!!