Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week 9

Day 64

My name is Sara and I have a problem with countdowns.

Yeah, I do. It's really my only thing to look forward to during the day/week. I have a calendar in my kitchen that I mark the days off on. And the weeks are just so much fun. They go by faster than months and aren't as numerous as days.

So yeah, 9 weeks down. YAY!

And I have 99 blog followers! Hello out there!! I read a lot of blogs, but I dont comment much. Usually want I think about saying has already been said. But I want to thank all of you that comment on my silly little blog posts. I never thought this blog would ever have anyone reading it, so the fact that many people seem to be coming back makes me smile.

I started training at work on Tuesday. I trained in one department yesterday and another today. I never thought that hanging out with so many soldiers would make me miss Joe. You kinda get used to seeing the soldiers all over the place living in a military community. But driving to work at 0700 made me pause. All of the soldiers were in their PTs running on the side of the road. And it was heartbreaking to remember that my husband isn't on this post. At work, I forgot about it. Far too busy to be thinking about silly things like that. I think my job will be awesome! The ladies are really nice and everyone was very welcoming.

Joe is doing well. He said today that one of the main things he misses is his bathroom. He can deal with a lot of things, but being dirty and unable to get clean isn't one of them. Says that it's super annoying, more so than the sleeping arrangements or the food. But he said something the other day that has stayed with me. This is all temporary, and it's getting more temporary everyday. And I think I will take his new motto and run with it. This is all temporary. He will be home soon. I wont be alone forever. In this life, most things are temporary. And I think rather than laying down in some rut for the next 10 months, I will just remember that even this separation is just temporary.

My question to you, what creature comfort would you miss the most? Your bed? Your shower? Your coffee pot? Your house shoes?


Expat Girl said...

WelcoMe to the world of "obsessed with countdowns" I feel like I should be a primary member!

*Jenn* said...

I would miss MY BED! I love my big, sofy, comfy, cali king size bed. I would rather lay in my giant bed and watch my teeny-tiny tv than sit on the couch and watch the GIANT one. LOL I know im weird... But thats ok! ;)

Michelle Kwasny said...

My bed. Hands down.

Chantal said...

I usually miss the feel of something familiar. Like my home. It's much more comforting to walk into my own home than anyone elses!