Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 100!!!

Not much to report since I posted a blog only yesterday, but I had to celebrate the triple digits!!

Looking back, I cant believe it's been 100 days already. Those first days and weeks were so depressing, 100 seemed so far away when we were in those small sad numbers.

It's probably really obnoxious to say that it's been going by fairly fast. But it really does seem to be flying by. I hope all of my battle buddies are watching the days fly by too!!


Expat Girl said...

: )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee said...

Wow! I am moving close to day 75 next week! Another blog friend and I are hoping to meet up and celebrate day 100 somewhere between her home and mine. (our deployment dates were within days of each other).
Yeah for for getting through 100 days!! Send me an email and tell me where you are at!
Take care!

Field of Dreams said...

100 days = awesome!!!

Kayla Sue said...

woohoo:) that is exciting!! I have to say, now that my husband is getting ready to come home, it's gone pretty fast. but don't tell anyone I said that, lol!