Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 14

Day 99

Joe kinda sorta knows when his R&R dates will be. He still has to drop his leave packet and we will know dates by July 20th. So for now, that's the date I am looking forward to. We are starting to plan his vacation though. I get SO excited talking to him. Then I have to remind myself that we are still over 2 months out from R&R. The hurry up and wait urges are back. Ugh. Lovely. But we have lots of time to talk about what he wants to do. I have learned quite a few things about my husband in the last week. But we're talking about taking in a baseball game in Denver, seeing a local cave, Cave of the Winds, taking a dinner train ride through the Royal Gorge, and stuffing ourselves with yummy food. I'm torn between making plans and just sitting in our house and staring at him for 2 weeks. But Joe says there will be plenty of time for staring as well. And I want some good memories to hold him though the next 6 month.

I officially became the POC for HQ platoon last week. And I called everyone last weekend. So friendly!! I have a get together planned on Friday with one of the ladies.

Joe ordered me a stun gun. I'm not exactly sure why. He said that he likes the idea of me having one. And he got it pretty cheap. And from what I can find, I can carry it around with me in Colorado. I can take it with me when I take Rigel for a walk. There was a big joke in my family about stun guns and tazers. My dad always told me that he would buy me one if I agreed to use it once on myself. As a young female, of course I objected. So I don't have one. But I have been told that even cops that carry them around have to know what it feels like. Don't get me wrong, it might be a good idea to know the "power" you have in your hands, but there is no freaking way I'm going to stun gun myself!! Now.. pan over to Joe... LOL!! He said that he probably would stun himself. But he's a dumb silly boy. He said he would probably hate himself afterwards. Can a stun gun stop a heart? It has to have a *low* setting, right? Maybe I can talk him out of it.

Joe also ordered me a Cricut for our anniversary. I don't know what's gotten into that boy, but I do appreciate the thought. We don't usually do anything big for our special days. Maybe since he's not here he wanted to do something a little bigger. But I will be scrapbooking like a pro very soon!! The machine is scheduled to be here today, so fingers crossed for FedEx!! And I have started a new blog just for my creative-ness. Not much there yet, but here's the link, Sara's Scissors.


Chantal said...

Haha about trying the taser on you! It's not like you would shoot yourself just to see what it feels like before carrying a gun around...

Scatterbrain said...

Haha! I wouldnt stun gun myself either! My hubs on the other hand... is an MP so he has had to be tazzed and pepper/OC sprayed and all kinds of awful things to carry them on the job. If listening to his stories accounts for anything, it is not a good idea to do it to yourself just for kicks! LOL!

YAY for R&R creeping closer! :)

My Army Brats and Me said...

I hope it comes too. Sweet that your husband is doing all these things for you. I am not a crafty kinda a girl but I am going to check out your new blog.