Thursday, June 17, 2010

General Casey's Dwell Time Goal

I should probably know better than to get my hopes up. But as we near the baby makes age, Gerneral Casey's plan would be so nice!! So what follows is the article that was in the Army Times. Emphasis is my own. And you can see the original article by clicking on the title.

Casey’s dwell time goal

Someday soldiers will spend just nine months is the war zone — and three years between deployments.

That’s the plan of Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey, who has been trying to increase dwell time ever since he became the top guy in the Army more than three years ago.

He believes the Army can move from the current one-year combat tour and the longer dwell starting in 2014.

The relentless pace of fighting on two war fronts for more than seven years has had a devastating impact on the lives of soldiers and their families, contributing to increases in divorce and suicide rates.

The Army settled on nine-month deployments as achievable by force structure and operations tempo and as the point, studies show, when deployment stresses intensify and serious mental and emotional difficulties begin to kick in.

The new deployment plan is certain to bring cheers from soldiers and their loved ones.

All of this hinges on the troop drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan and the completion of the planned conversion of the Army — including active, Guard and Reserve components — into three rotational groups. One deployed — or ready to deploy, another in predeployment training and the third at rest and reset following deployment.

It’s an intriguing plan and absolutely necessary goal: The Army simply cannot endlessly deploy troops at the current pace without driving out legions of good soldiers who would feel they owe it to their families and their own well-being to restore balance to their lives.

Army leadership deserves full support in plans to overhaul forces to be more combat effective while allowing its own troops to operate at a pace that is reasonable and healthy

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Julie the Army Wife said...

I really think this has to happen or the Army will be suffering in a few years. Most people I know who get out before the 20 year mark do so because of the rapid deployments. Something has to change. I don't want to give my hopes up either but any news that this is being talked about is good I think.