Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week 18

Day 127

I think I covered all of the fun stuff I did with my family on the monthly countdown. I still cant believe the family was here for a whole week. It seemed to go by so fast. I miss them so much still.

We got Joe's R&R dates!!!! Let the planning begin!!

Joe says he is finally out of Ebay mode. We'll see how true that is. But I got the map he bought mounted this week. I put pins in all of the places I have lived and visited. I cant stop looking at that map. It's weird to be able to put one finger on me and one on Joe. The world really is a small place.

And all of a sudden, Joe has decided he wants a family. This has been an issue in our marriage since we got married. He had a very strange upbringing. And the idea of having to raise a child was an issue. But for some reason, he announced yesterday that he thinks he wants a family now. So we've been talking about baby names. I asked him why he all of a sudden wanted a family, was there a near death experience or something. He said no, he just wants someone to play catch with. And I throw like a girl. So I guess I hope we have a boy. Although, I suppose girls can play baseball too, I just wasn't one of those girls. My mom used to tell me that she was glad I was a girl because my father needed a baby he would coo at. She knew he would feel like he needed to be the strong guy for a son. But he was able to be soft with a daughter. I feel the same way about Joe. But I also don't think he would know what to do with a daughter. I told him girls were easy, he just had to love her. A good father is very important to a young girl. But all they really need is to know they are loved. My mom and I are very close. But I have this impression of my father that is unshakable. When I ever have a doubt, I call my dad. When I feel like I am in trouble, I have the urge to scream for my father, even though I have been married for 3 years. I was on vacation in Yellowstone when I was about 17 when I almost passed out (for many weird reasons, mostly I was overheated). I was standing next to my mother, who says she was yelling and shaking me. But in all of the chaos, all I could hear was my father's voice calling my name. And I wonder how long it will take before my husband takes that place in my head. I know I am lucky to have such a wonderful father, I know many people that don't have that strong dependent father figure in their lives. And I know that Joe would be a good father, to a son or a daughter. I just think he underestimates how much a father means to a daughter.

I officially threw away the "fat pants" I have slouched around in for the last year. Lately they were so baggy they were physically falling off of me when I walked. I got new pants, in a smaller size (yay!!) and we're staying on track with the remodel of Sara. Gotta get healthy before I try to have a baby. (squeee!)

Anyway, are you into Scentsy?? Make sure you check out the blog before this one because my friend Ashley and I are hosting a Scentsy party!! Scentsy is awesome and you should buy some!!


My Army Brats and Me said...

I think it is exciting! My girls are very well rounded. They love being army brats:) baby many but it is fun!

♥ Annie ♥ said... exciting on both accounts!!