Saturday, September 25, 2010

A picture says a thousand words ...about OPSEC

I posted a very extensive blog about OPSEC before Joe deployed. You can find it here. Our company posted a note about it on Facebook today. They had a picture I thought was especially creative.

I dont want to harp on the OPSEC thing again, but a reminder is always a good idea, even for myself. So the unit on Facebook said this:

Generally, it means that you should not give out the following:

(1) Your loved ones exact location overseas

(2) Any information on military movements – this includes any movement while they are deployed and in transit to/from theater (including R&R). Do not ever give dates or times.

(3) Any information on weapons systems, how they train or numbers – for this reason, many pictures from overseas can easily violate OPSEC.

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