Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 27

DAY 190!! There will be a big celebration on day 200... that involves me and the dog and a glass of wine. Yeah, I'm super wild. That's just how I roll these days.

Is it possible that I went through the stages of grief all over again? There were a few moments after Joe left where I thought maybe I was. Mostly the denial and anger stages. I have convinced myself that Joe doesn't have much longer in Iraq. While we are only a tiny bit past halfway, after doing my fuzzy math, it doesn't seem that much longer. I'm gonna call it a defence mechanism.

And the anger was funny at times, even to myself. I opened up the fridge the day after Joe left to find myself snarling at Joe's orange fruit punch. I was PISSED at this damn orange drink. Why in the HELL is it in my fridge with Joe miles away and unable to enjoy his damn fruit punch??!?!? And then the dramatic pause.. to evaluate.. the silliness of my anger. And a shrug. And some more fuzzy math to make myself feel better. But the hard parts have to be over, right? All of the big goodbyes are over, in theory, as Joe is fairly convinced he wont be deployed again before he ETSs. We can hope, right?

Did you see the blog about Joe's new CHU? There are pics. I am still just so excited that he has a real room to retire to after his 12 hour shift!! I hope it makes his day a little better.

Most things around here are back to normal. Work. Home. Dishes. Dinner. Fight with Rigel. Try to catch Joe online. Oh boy.. am I exciting or what!

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Katie said...

Sooooo excited for you to hit that day #200!!!! Only a few more days!
And I know what you mean about getting pissed at the orange drink lol. I've been cleaning my room and going through stuff, and there's so much stuff of Jon's or old movie tickets I find and I'm like Ugh Really!? It's actually quite funny at the same time :)

Glad to see all is well!