Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Okay, call me slow, but I just noticed the Stats tab on the top of Blogger. Here's the layout. And can I have a small "huh" for China and Japan??? And South Korea?? Seriously?? So if a terrorist from Iraq was checking in on my blog, would it show up?? I will keep a look out for people from Iraq. Be warned terrorists!! We're on to you!

United States 250

Australia 8

Ukraine 8

Netherlands 7

Russia 6

United Kingdom 5

South Korea 5

Japan 4

Canada 3

China 2

I get more hits from the Ukraine than Canada??? Why do I think Blogger is making up the stats?? Hmm..


Natalia said...

I only noticed it today too! And Iran is at #10 for me with 12 hits...Weird.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I've been using a different stat analyzer for a while now. I'm amazed at what comes up but I am glad Blogger finally has it easily accessible for bloggers!


MommyTaco said...

one explanation for S. Korea could be @megandubyuh ...not sure how much she reads blogs outside of her Google Reader feed