Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 30!!

Day 211

Even Joe has said that the time is flying by for him. Week 30, wow. It honestly seems like I dropped him off on post only a month ago. It's so nice to hear Joe doing so much better. The new rooms and better food has gone a long way. Although, we got a company-wide email about toilet seats. Joe was complaining about them long before the email was sent out. Apparently none of the bathrooms have seats. And most dont have doors.

I went to my orientation at the University of the Rockies last Friday. And my first class was last night. I am so excited about school. I feel like such a nerd. I think back to grade school and even high school. I wasnt one of those kids that dreaded the end of summer. I had all of my notebooks and folders color coded as soon as the grade supply lists hit our local Wal-Mart. Anyway, I have an assignment that I've been mulling over in my head since last night. I wont bore you with the details. But I'm gonna read up on the subject and then write like crazy!

Honestly, it's so nice to have something to think about besides this deployment.

Work is NUTS!! Like we all expected, a new contractor took over and all hell broke loose. A LOT of people were laid off. At last count, I was told, only 9 of 24 people were given an offer letter. Thankfully, I was one of those people. I count myself very lucky, as I was only hired 5 months ago. I need the money, even the little money we will be paid. Just as a quick reference, we are making 36% of our initial pay. Our hours were cut by half and we got roughly a $5 pay cut. It sucks!! But the silver lining? I will have plenty of time to study and go to school. And next term I can sign up for 2 classes knowing I will have plenty of time. But yeah, I'll have to take out a loan now. I was planning on paying for at least one of those 2 classes with cash. But alas. It'll all work out. It always does.

Fall has officially come to Colorado Springs. It's fairly chilly most days. Overcast. Sometimes windy. It's so funny when I happen to talk to my family back home. It's still low 90s in the South.

Also, my father turned 50 this weekend!! And my sister in law had a birthday on Tuesday.

All this just leads up to Winter in my head. And I can safely say, Joe will be back this Winter!! As soon as the first snow falls, I will be a happy Sara!

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