Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Day 288

The progression of this deployment/aloneness is strange. At first it's really sad that I come home and Joe isnt here. Then it just became normal and expected. I've hit a new one though, yesterday, today, most of this lsat week, I was actually mad that I came home to an empty house. I walked into the bedroom one morning and thought about how Joe would still be asleep. And I was mad that I was alone in the apartment. The same with customs forms. They are fun at first. Then just memorized. But now they annoy the shit out of me. I hate customs forms!

Patience, Sara. Patience....

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MommyTaco said...

perhaps you have hit what i call the "Bitchy McBitchkins stage in my version of the MilSpouse Deployment Cycle? Trust me, you do not face this one alone. *HUGS*