Monday, January 17, 2011

44 Weeks Down!!

Day 309

This week has been so great. A co-worker left and I was offered her position. It's more hours and more pay. This really is the answer to our problems. School will be easier to pay. The car will be paid off that much sooner. Life is just easier when you dont have to worry about finances. We're doing great with the extra deployment money. Joe's excited about paying off the car in only a couple of months. This has been a big stressor for Joe. We arent used to having debt. Neither of us have credit cards. We dont have debt... except the car. And once the car is paid off, Joe will throw a little money my way for school, and the rest goes into the house down payment fund! We hope to have a good pile of money saved up, hopefully about 20% for the down payment. Being an adult isnt fun. But planning kinda is. We were talking about buying a jacuzzi last night. So maybe that part of being an adult will be fun.

Classes are chugging along. The homework is starting to roll out. Quizzes and papers and presentations, Oh My!! LOL. But it's nothing I cant handle.

And tomorrow is my birthday!

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Wednesday!


Renee said...

Sara, Happy late Birthday! I hope that you had a fantastic day! Congratulations on the new job position!

Chantal said...

Happy birthday!! You just have all kinds of great news!

Field of Dreams said...

Happy Birthday & great news about the new position!!!

Erin said...

Congrats on the new position!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!!